Some of the wonderful ladies at the Jaguza child care initiative

Notes by Margaret Kyeyune

1. Location: Our project is located in Uganda in the surburbs of the Capital city Kampala in a place called Mutundwe in Rubaga Division, when you click on the Map of Kampala our home is near the Kampala University school of Nursing in Rubaga-Division.

2.We have 76 Orphaned children in the two centres where we work, 36 are in my village in Mutundwe where I live and 40 children are in Kigogwa in the Luwero District

3.The children live with their guardians or care-givers, I have two girls staying with me at my home and others stay with very caring elderly people whose own children have died.

4.We have a small garden in Kigogwa and a larger garden in Zigoti - Mityana District.

5.We grown Fruit Trees, Maize, Beans and Banana Plantation with Cassava.

6.We have a poultry Project in Mutundwe and right now we have 250 chickens.

7.We have games for the children and quite a few visitors who came brought in Ropes and Balls for them to have outdoor games

8 We have very strong scholastic tuition we have pads books pencils rubbers rulers and everything needed to meet the schooling curiculum for each age range

9 We are very lucky to have many visitors throughout the year who wish to be with us and help with the children and teach them about other countries and help with the children's education.

10 With our gardens in Kigogwa and Zigoti in the Mityana district we are teaching the children the basics of growing crops, teaching them how to look after small plants and how to keep away hungry insects who want to eat the plants. The children are very excited and interested when they dig up the mature grown up plants to see how a small seed or a small plant grows in the ground to a very enjoyable food..With our poultry we are teaching the children how to look after baby chicks growing them up to egg laying size and getting a good supply of free range eggs which are very delicious.