Visiting the Jaguza child care initiative in the Kampala area
Uganda East Africa

You are very welcome to visit our orphan child care community initiative we are happy to offer you a place to stay at very low rates. There is bed and breakfast, washing facilities, ironing clothes cleaning shoes and all things like that and if you would like a cooked evening meal that can be arranged as well all at very low rates.

Uganda is a wonderful country with moderate rainfall

We welcome visitors from around the world. Perhaps you would like to stay and help with the children. We always have people coming to help with teaching, showing the children new games, Bible study and showing the children new ways and new skills so when the children leave our care they have some basic understanding and training for a trade or skill that will help them in their life.

Skills like carpentary, building, animal care, hens and egg production, information and methods about solar hot water and solar panels on the roof producing electricity, some of our orphans show much promise at ball skills like football. Also cricket and athletics and picture painting . We want to encourage cooking skills and growing vegetables. If you can help in any of these matters or you want to visit and see what we are doing you are most welcome..

Love and blessings
Jaguza child care initiative
Kampala area