All members of our children's care initiative know how to look after and care for the orphaned children. Everyone has had children of their own. Some have had children killed by warfare or accident or disease such as malaria.. They know how to care for the orphan children but the biggest problem is money.. Our greatest difficulty by far is the ongoing need for money. We have to feed and clothe the children. We have to find sheets and blankets and pillows. We have to find footware.. We have to find soap and toothpaste and toothbrushes and face clothes and toilet rolls and towels and many other items.

A donation of $5, $10, $20, or whatever amount you have in mind would be very much appreciated

If you wish to make a donation an easy way is send a MONEYGRAM to MARGARET KYEYUNE KAMPALA UGANDA and then email Ms kyeyune the MONEYGRAM eight digit number. You can also use WESTERN UNION if that is more convenient their's is a ten digit number.

Ms Kyeyune's email address is

Ms Kyeyune will email you to acknowledge your donation, provide a receipt if required and to thank you very much.

If you would prefer to send a cheque for a donation please cross the cheque and write the words non negotiable and make the cheque payable to JAGUZA CHILD CARE INITIATIVE.
Send to P O Box 2916 Kampala Uganda East-Africa
Please include your address and Ms Kyeyune will reply and thank you very much.

Many thanks and blessings
Jaguza child care initiative