CONTACT PERSON Ms. Margaret Kyeyune

A community based child support centre called Jaguza Child Care Initiative established in Mutundwe Village-Rubaga Division in the country of Uganda. Jaguza focuses on ..providing school education and school materials to orphaned children and children from extremely low income areas and families. .
In addition a Governing Board made up of community Leaders and CBO will operate overall sanctioning of the center's operation. Periodic evaluations will be conducted to assess the value of Jaguza child care initiative

Our aims are
1. Helping the children to pursue a career.
2. The development of new understanding on the part of the local families.
3. The improvement of the well being of children in Mutundwe

Jaguza provides help and support to orphaned children and needy families in Uganda in the mutundwee area. Needy families are provided with financial assistance where possible.

There are ever growing needs of the orphaned and needy children, widows and single mothers on a long term basis. Major obstacles to child education and assistance in the developing World include poverty, backward cultures, not enough teachers. limited access to educational facilities and lack of reasonable structure for education such as schools and colleges.

A serious problem exists in the rural villages of Uganda e.g. Kigogwa and Mityana where children drop out of school and not even being able to afford elementary/basic education at kindergarten/primary level. Though some are bound by the fact that they are born in impoverished families, others have lost their parents who would have offered them that education to the calamities of war and HIV/AIDS that have ravaged the nation for the past 2 decades.

The Jaguza child care initiative as well as providing basic care and love to orphaned children also tries very hard to provide elementary education to those in need to increase their chances of survival.

Jaguza is well positioned to take on this role but lacks the resources and capacity to reach out to many “needy children”. This is the basis for the organization to write this proposal. If the proposal is funded it will go a long way in supporting the children to have a bright future. Jaguza's Vision Jaguza's vision is that of children who are happy and full of hope in Uganda.


Jaguza's Goal: To empower the rural and urban orphans and vulnerable children to face tomorrow with confidence.

Jaguza's Specific Objectives: The following are the specific objectives that Jaguza is committed to achieving:

* To promote the educational enhancement of orphans and vulnerable persons in Uganda
* To support orphans and vulnerable cope with physical and emotional challenges of life.
* To enhance integrated health care amongst orphans and vulnerable children in Uganda.

Program Overview and Involvement Jaguza's focus is physical, material and spiritual support to vulnerable Ugandans, youth and children and orphans especially those of HIV/AIDS.
Jaguza's Strategic direction:
* To ensure improved learning environment and better health for orphans and vulnerable children.
* Develop networks with good -hearted people who can voluntarily sponsor disadvantaged persons to access life skills, good living conditions which they would otherwise never have acquired.
* Collaborate and network with the Government of Uganda in order to accomplish organizational objectives.
* Collaborate and network with other development partners from within and outside Uganda towards the achievement of organizational objectives.

* Advocate for the prevention and/or control of killer diseases like HIV/AIDS/STDs, Malaria, Typhoid and Tuberculosis.
* Use theater for development(Music,Dance and Drama) to pass on beneficial information, education and communication to communities through the children performances.
* Participate in continuous research and learning that will help improve the lives of children. Strategy for implementation and target population Jaguza shall use a participatory approach to implement the project. This will involve using the local leadership to mobilize for support, people to come for training. District officials, especially the education and community development departments, should have a reference point as the project progresses for advice, guidance and ownership. Jaguza well-wishers shall give a hand where they can afford: for example manual labour where necessary and water for the construction. The target population will be all Ugandans who will need this kind of support. The project target 500 Orphans and vulnerable children.
Project Details:
Overall Goal of the project To improve the living conditions of Orphans, vulnerable children and their guardians in Uganda. Specific objectives
1. To identify and register 200 orphans and vulnerable children
2. To provide scholastic materials and other school need to the 200 children
3. To support mothers improve their social and economic welfare.
4. To effectively use volunteers as a major factor in helping people to learn how to read and write.
5. To provide nutritional support to 100 low income families identifies in the area.
6. To assist 200 mothers in Mutundwe, Kigogwa and Kikajjo villages in learning how to effectively provide health and nutrition to their young children.
7. To sensitize 100 mothers on how to create/start income generating activities and support them (IGAs) as a way of supporting them improve their economic and social welfare.
8. Support in infrastructure development of Jaguza CLIENTELE

There are two different clientele groups for this project.
The first and primary clientele are the orphaned children who live in Mutundwe village and other identified villages such as:- Kigogwa - Bombo Road Kabuma - Busabala Road Kikajjo-Kasenge-Old Masaka Road By orphaned children we refer with special consideration to those children who have lost one or both of their parents..
This clientele group is represented in the project objectives for goal 1. The second clientele groups are the widowed mothers who live in Mutundwe village and our identified areas. This clientele is represented in project objectives for Goal 2. Both clientele groups are important and essential components of this project. It is expected that significant learning will take place for both clientele groups.

The Primary methods for achieving the goals and objectives of the project will be :
* The creation of a centre in Mutundwe village that will become a focal point for providing schools fees and scholastic materials for Jaguza children.
* It will provide information of IGAs and child nutrition to the community through workshop and one-to-one counseling of mothers and widows.
* The development of a primary school facility that is modeled after the Uganda Education system.
In addition a documentation/Dissemination plan will be developed by staff to guarantee the systematic collection of information about the operation of the project and provide the basis for sharing information with other similar projects.

Staff/Administration The project will employ the following staff
1. The Project Team Leader will be responsible for the entire execution of duties in the organization.
2. The project Coordinator (full-time) responsible to hiring project staff, overseeing day to day project developments and operation, establishing and maintaining links with local government agencies and budget.
3. Children's Coordinator (full-time) responsible for establishing the community centre for Jaguza Child Care Initiative, developing working relationships with formal and informal community leaders, establish links to community widow's groups and scheduling of centre programs. He will be responsible for identifying and registering children to be supported in the program.
4. Accountant shall be responsible the financial aspects of the organization.
5. Volunteers shall be regularly recruited to work especially in monitoring children's progress and report back to the children's coordinator. o Developing and offering training programs for volunteers, scheduling volunteers for service at the Jaguza center. The volunteer will have a background in counseling and guidance and with knowledge in Education (teaching).

Report writing:
Monthly reports Jaguza shall be generating monthly reports specifying the activities implemented during the month as compared to the stages of implementation suggested.
Quarterly reports Jaguza will compile quarterly reports to access progress of activities. A copy of Jaguza's quarterly report shall be shared with the donor for purposes of receiving their feedback
Annual reports shall be complied at the end of every financial year spelling out progress of the
project to date and for giving a feed back to both Jaguza and the donor.
The lessons learnt and best practices experienced shall be documented together with photos of the project. This report shall be used as reference material for future similar projects. The project director of Jaguza shall be responsible for generating such reports.
Financial Reports The Accountant will be responsible for compiling financial reports monthly, quarterly and annual reports. Quarterly and annual reports shall be shared with the donors and sponsors. Jaguza shall write all reports in formats and requirements that will be agreed upon with the donor.
Financial Management * Jaguza Team Leader is the accounting officer for the program and answerable to all financial issues. The Accountant will always give the technical backup.
* Financial flows shall follow the generally accepted internal controls of requisitions, vouchers, proper accountabilities, receipts and authorization by the Team leader before release of funds.
* The program shall adhere to the drawn budgets as much as possible.
* All funds received shall be kept in Jaguza account in Kampala * Two of the Jaguza staffs shall be signatories to the account. * A Procurement committee shall be executed that will authorize all procurements to be undertaken by the program for all building materials required for the construction of Jaguza. Monitoring and Evaluation Monitoring of project activities shall be done in a participatory way where by the donor, springs of knowledge staffs, local councils and parents/guardians families shall be part of it.
Routine monitoring of the activities shall be done by Jaguza staff and will generate reports that will be vital in deciding on the progress and direction of the project. Part of the evaluation shall be done as monitoring is going on. Specifically such monitoring shall be intended to check on the flow of activities whether they are in line with the Budget. End of evaluation exercise shall be carried out at the completion of three years.

* Involvement of other partners like, local leaders and Government departments of education and community development staffs is one approach to ensure local ownership of the program and eventually sustain it. Jaguza shall continually lobby for support from local Governments.
* Jaguza plans to support the guardians of children with income generating projects. If such projects are well implemented the guardian families can sustain themselves at a later stage.
* Other sources of funding are being solicited to support Jaguza overall strategic directions. It all other partners come in and support programs, by the time they phase out, a lot of other sustainable activities will have been initiated.
Goal 1: o Selected interviews of children to assess their ability to effectively use the education attained from school to earn a living. o Selected interviews of mothers to evaluate changes in the health of their children through Jaguza nutritional support. Goal 2: * Records of number of children in the Jaguza project * Documentation of agendas/attendance rosters from all training programs of Jaguza * Documentation of number of mothers served and number of volunteer hours recorded at the Jaguza center
A yearly report will be issued that presents the formative and summative findings. Activity Schedule outline ( First Year) Month One: * Advertising of project activities * Meetings with community leaders * Identifying and registering childrens Month Two: * Interviewing of candidates for project staff positions * Buy and Furnishing the office with equipments * Identify source of vehicle
Month Three: * Selection/hiring of project staff members * Procure organizational vehicle * Preparation for organization operation and trainings * Provide children with scholastic materials and beddings
Month Four-Six * Collection of baseline data on widows of Mutundwe village, Kigogwa, Busabala and Kikajjo-Kasenge. * Carry our trainings of mothers * Provide income generating projects to mothers * Hosting community meetings at center * Recruitment/selection /training of student volunteers * Start on the process of sponsorship/monitoring of children to start with Month Seven-Twelve * Continue with trainings and sensitization * Conducting regular monitoring * Year one evaluation at end of twelfth month