Port Waikato Wharf

The original Wharf

An early picture (1948) of the original wharf showing the Caesar Roose shipping line 'LST 283' and the Cobourne Reserve with original buildings.

Walter Dwen's launch at the original Port Waikato wharf

Barges tied up at the original wharf waiting for coastal steamers to come with cargo to be shipped to Hamilton

As trucks and rail took over from shipping on the Waikato river the original wharf was used less and less and needed repairs and was to be demolished. The residents of Port Waikato got together under the leadership of Peter Coffin removed the old wharf and built a new wharf. Local people and farmers donated materials and labour.


Pile driver built by Peter Coffin and friends......A new wharf pile being lifted into place.then driven into the sea bed

Old piles lifted out of the way

New wharf pile floated out to the end of the wharf lifted up and driven into the sea bed


Peter Coffin's home made pile driver motor




Very happy group of volunteers



The finished wharf at Port Waikato. Built with a home made pile driver and a lot of effort and enthusiasm.. Great for the kids and grown ups for fishing and swimming. A tremendous achievement by a small country township to work together and build an asset for the area.

Most of these photos have been found in old photo albums. The first photo with thanks from the book 'Caesar Roose Grand old man of the river' as told to Margaret Stuart by Jeanette Thomas

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